Why Tempered glass:

Tempered glass is up to 5 times stronger than normal glass.  Therefore it is much more rigid and do not crack or break in large pieces.  When it breaks, it is in thousands of small pieces, which is much safer.  One cannot cut oneself very bad like if a large panel break in a few pieces. These large pieces have very sharp sides and can be lethal…..very dangerous.

When does it shatter:

Most often during installation.  A corner is “bumped” against a floor or wall and something has to give, or a panel is not aligned correct and when it is screwed tight it is under tension. If tension is too great it will shatter.  It does not always break “instantly”.  What happens is that if one bumps it or drop something like a hammer on it, it creates a “flaw”. The particles are compressed at that point and as such are under “stress”.  This stress area grows bigger with changes in temperature and when the stress gets too big the glass is said to “explode”.    It can happen many hours later.  Fortunately this happens very seldom

How does glass basins compare to ceramics?

Tempered glass basins is much stronger than most ceramic basins.  One can compare the small area a glass basin rest on compared to a ceramic basin